There’s a reason no one might be driving Tesla’s electric cars soon. CEO Elon Musk is adding self-driving hardware to the company’s new vehicles.

While he’s cautious about its effectiveness, these being early days, Musk is confident it will make roads much safer and reduce road fatalities significantly.

The first fatality that occurred while using a Tesla car on autopilot mode seemed to put a dampener on the technology. However, a new video taken from the dashcam of one of new models shows a significant improvement in the autopilot radar.

In the video above, a Tesla car seems to predict an imminent accident, thanks to a collision, signals a forward collision alert and applies emergency breaks.

Tesla rolled out its new 8.0 autopilot update in September 2016, and included “huge changes to how the object detection system works, using radar to help detect things that might not get picked up by the camera vision sensors on the vehicle”.