Anger can make life feel a lot nastier than it actually is. It can interfere with our relationships and wreak havoc on our lives and loves. But how do we keep it at bay?

A new video from The School of Life offers solutions. The answer isn’t what you’re expecting.

The video cites the example of Fred and his continuous, unrelenting frustrating about everything in his life. From arguments with his partner to a delayed flight, there’s a lot to he has to rage about.

But behind it all, Fred’s actually an extremely positive person, who gets angry every time his expectations are dashed. We’re all like Fred in our own way. We keep turning to the image of the perfect world in our heads despite facing constant disappointment.

So, the reasoning is that it’s only because we are so hopeful about many things and overtly positive at times that we see red when things go haywire. The answer then is to turn to pessimism and not be too upbeat about things in life. To accept that life is in fact a mix of the good and bad, and that things do go wrong often.

It’s one way of staving off anger. Try it in 2017. Instead of expecting the year to be much better after the disappointments of 2016, keep those hopes as low as possible.