Notice the difference in the tone and language of Donald Trump’s tweets above? They both come from the same account, but are tweeted by two different individuals.

Given the record of controversial speeches, you can safely bet that the first one is tweeted by Trump himself. The words and punctuation resemble Trump’s style of persuasive speech from his presidential election campaigns and debates – they’re emotionally charged (check), his attacks are personal (double check), and his language is informal (no surprise there).

But the elections are over and Trump’s already the winner. So why does he still tweet this way? YouTuber Nerdwriter1 clears this confusion in his animated analysis (video above) of how Trump and his staff have been using Twitter, currently the only platform used by the President-elect to interact with the world. Post-elections, Trump has tweeted 221 times and 94% of the tweets are negative and emotionally charged.

Trump’s mastery in manipulating language is not a new story. His tweets are a “direct pipeline” to Americans and everyone across the world. But what is important is that these strongly worded tweets come from a man occupying a very powerful position. Their global impact will be immense, and can make or mar Trump’s presidency.