Good things come in small packages, especially if they’re parakeets. A species of parrot, the parakeet is known for its small size, long tail feathers, rounded head and vibrant colours.

For Chennai’s 63-year-old Joseph Sekar, good things came in plenty when he discovered thousands of parakeets turning up on his terrace. This was after the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami had hit South and South-East Asia in December, 2004.

Sekar, who repairs camera, loves to feed birds every morning on the roof of his house, which is named Camera House. Over the years, the number of parakeets visiting Sekar’s dining roof has increased from 2,000 to around 5,000, according to this 2015 article.

Sekar’s love for feeding the parakeets has earned him the title of ‘Birdman of Chennai’, and his story has been widely covered.

In a new video, the owner of Camera House explains how feeding has taken a toll on his income. But he continues to feed 8,000 parakeets nevertheless. He says, “What are we going to take back even if we earn a lot? This is just a service for these living creatures. This gives me lot of spiritual satisfaction.”