That new heavily advertised product that claims to help you lose weight? It’s a conspiracy.

A video from humour site Cracked sheds light on famous diet ideas and the grandiose claims they make all the time, every time. Jack Hunter is back as businessmen Roger Horton in this latest episode of a series titled Honest Commercials, guaranteed to promote products with unusual honesty.

Horton explains how all diet companies work on making you pay for every weight-loss product you get lured by. Gluten-free, low carb and more. You lose weight, you put it back on, and then? You buy another product and you lose weight, you put it back on, and so on.

In his brutal sales pitch, Horton says, “If you eat my fat-free sugary-chocolate-covered stale puffed rice snack bar, then we’ll applaud you.”

The high-profile celebrity and that average joe who endorse the company’s product will shame you like no one else if you falter and eat something that’s not a part of the programme. Horton explains, “That’s being bad, naughty or unhealthy.”

The video goes on to showcase new products that replace the older outdated ones, such as the gluten-free full-fat paleo square of crusty meat instead of the rice puffed bar that is now unhealthy.

The companies encourage yo-yo dieting and ensure that the cycle is in constant motion.

Horton delivers the final blow with this line: “We deliberately design our programmes for failure.”