Makeup is a potent metaphor.

There are over 20 kinds of makeup brushes but the brush of justice is not one of them. Beauty vlogger Hayley Johnson uses it to dab some blue eye shadow to beat the prejudice out of her country, United States, in the video below.

The makeup artist from Miami wanted to offer some comedic relief rather than a step-by-step tutorial on different ways to use cosmetics.

Johnson cleans the extra make up with a biting satire: “When no one’s looking, like the American Government, you just wanna cover that sh*t up, just clean that sh*t up.”

The video quickly garnered comments appreciating this honest talk about racism, sexism and the history of native Americans. “Now we’re gonna highlight the brow bone with gold. It looks a lot like the gold we used to kill native Americans for,” Johnson says.

She ends her tutorial by taking on the stereotype of how women only wear makeup to impress men.

If this is the makeup video of 2017, here are videos from previous years, ridiculing “meninism” and poking fun at stereotypes of feminism through makeup tutorials.

"Because men deserve to look equally good."
"Make sure to give every part of your face fair and equal amount of representation unlike like the government and primetime network television."