Canadian Prime Ministet Justin Trudeau has had a love affair of sorts with social media. From leading a gay pride parade in Toronto, to “unleashing his inner desi”, he knows just how to get the “likes” and “loves”. With Canada’s politicians increasingly trying to project the image of a multicultural country, a unanimous decision was made in Canada’s House of Commons to declare the month of January as “Tamil Heritage Month”.

So on the eve of Pongal, the Tamil harvest festival, the Canadian prime minister took to social media once again. Speakin in Tamil, of course.

“Today, Tamils in Canada and around the world will gather to celebrate Thai Pongal,” Trudeau said in the video posted to his twitter account. “This festival marks the end of the harvest season and the start of the new year. Friends and families will come together to give thanks for a prosperous harvest and a season of good fortune. It is a time for joy, celebration, and community...I encourage everybody to reflect on the strong heritage of Canada’s Tamil community. Our nation is stronger and richer because of the contributions of Tamil-Canadians.”

In the past, Trudeau had busted out his Hindi to wish people on the occasion of Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas. Punjabi next, Prime Minister?