A man with yellow hair, wearing a hat with “Make America Great Again” emblazoned on it stands at a podium. “A new day dawning. Comes without warning. So don’t think twice. We live in troubled times,” sings Billie Joe Armstrong as the figure comes into focus.

Even though Green Day never make it explicit in their lyrics, it is impossible to deny that Troubled Times, the new single off their latest album Revolutionary Road, is about Donald Trump.

Released to coincide with Martin Luther King Junior Day, the video also referred to the icon of the civil rights movement, with images of him being juxtaposed against modern day slogans such as “Make America Hate Again” and “No Border Wall”.

Green Day began as a garage band which took off from the punk rock of classic acts such as The Ramones and The Clash. Their latest album is being seen as a return to form after years of listlessness and lack of direction in both their music and lyrics.