If Donald Trump’s inauguration speech made one thing clear, it’s that his tweeting and way of talking will not change immediately.

In The Netherlands, they decided to welcome the 45th president of the US with a bright sense of humour, therefore.

The Dutch TV programme Sunday with Lubach proposed to introduce Trump to their country in a language he would understand the best.

“It’s going to be a great video. It’s going to be fantastic.”


The segment leaves no stone unturned in poking fun at Trump’s infamous statements on racism, sexism, the Mexico wall, Trump Towers, tax evasion, you name it. It even offers a disabled politician he can make fun of.

The best is always kept for the end: “If you screw NATO, you’re going to make our problems great again. They’re gonna be huge. They’re going to be enormous. It’s true. Please don’t.”

That was quite a “bigly” request.