Remember how Jerry always gets the better of Tom? Now meet this small duck, Jerry to a 126-kg male Sumatran Tiger named Jalur.

At the Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia, the duck swims circles around Jalur in a pond, evading its pounces, dipping underwater to surface elsewhere, and keeping the tiger guessing all the time.

The tease or death game (you can decide) lasts over ten minutes, after which Jalur gives up in frustration and climbs out of the pond in a huff.

As for the victorious duck, it goes into the “thug life” genre of videos in which an (often nasty) encounter ends with a winner. Although it began with homemade videos of teenagers using overly confrontational or expletive language, the genre also includes footage of unusual or funny behaviour from animals.

This video of an intrepid cat knocking over a glass, titled “Gato Malo,” Spanish for “bad cat”, is a prime example.