The latest video from East India Comedy starts with a disclaimer that says, “This video is about terrorism, not religion. Don’t get the two mixed up.”

From books like Jihadi Potter and Game of Drones to someone proclaiming energetically on the phone, “ way ticket kaafi hai, return aana hi nahi hai (A one-way ticket is enough, I don’t need to come back),” the comedy group has visualised ISIS and its corporate headquarters in some detail.

Location? Unknown. A tab on a computer screen flashes a listicle that promises to blow your mind with top ten beheadings.

The camera turns to a man sitting in front of his boss who reads his resignation letter in surprise before correcting him, “But we’re not ISIS! We’re ISIL. Daesh?”

He picks up the phone to confirm and asks what’s the name for the day. (It is ‘IS’).

The employee is tired of issuing press releases for attacks that have been orchestrated by other groups. Life is bleak, no holidays, not a trace of job satisfaction and there is never a single woman at the office.

The boss offers a few options, such as giving him the corner office, forcing a woman to get married to him and even telling him he’ll be allowed to behead a journalist.

When nothing works out, he concedes that his employee has been brainwashed and he can leave, saying, “We won’t force you to do something you don’t want to. We’re terrorists. Not Indian parents.”