Would you fancy staying in one massive building with the rest of the world’s population? Long distance problems will cease to exist, for one.

A new video from RealLifeLore tries to examine whether executing something like this is possible in our world. It points to Whittier in Alaska, where the entire population (214 people) stays inside one building for the most part.

Strange as it sounds, they don’t even have to ever leave it if they don’t feel like it. All that a population needs, such as a hospital, a post office, a police station, a hotel, a grocery store, a general store, a laundromat and even the mayor’s office, as well as an indoor playground with a pool, are in there.

Getting the entire human race to live in one building would of course, be a different matter. The video cites the biggest and largest structures in the world capable of accommodating many people at once.

On the list are the AT&T stadium in Texas, Rungrado, the 1st of May stadium in North Korea, and even the largest planned indoor stadium which was never completed in Berlin.

It was supposed to have been built by Germany under Nazi rule, and would have been constructed had they won the Second World War. The Volkshalle would have been capable of seating 180,000 people, amounting to about five percent of the population of Berlin today.

The video mentions more such structures, such as the Tesla gigafactory which can get more than the entire population of Namibia (about 2.3 million people) to fit inside it. And yes, it is is possible, at least in theory, to visualise a structure capable of allowing the entire world’s population to stay in it.