In January, BSF soldier Tej Singh Bahadur shared four viral videos on Facebook decrying the food served to him and his colleagues. In the weeks since then, many other videos from different soldiers in the armed forces came to light. The latest update in the case is that Bahadur has been denied voluntary retirement and his wife has alleged that he was tortured.

Meanwhile, another soldier venting his frustrations is going viral on social media. Referring to a television debate, where Lt Gen Bakshi referred to the incidents as “mutiny”, the as yet unidentified soldier says: “The word ‘mutiny’ is used for the rebellion of soldiers against the British government and their policies. And history bears witness to the fact that this mutiny, for which soldiers were executed and court-martialled, was against the atrocities committed by the British government. Today, neither is a foreign government ruling over us, neither is the Indian army, a traitor.”

He goes on to highlight the menial jobs many soldiers are made to do while serving their superiors in the armed forces.

Corrections and clarifications: (January 4, 2017)
While the tweet above referred to a serving soldier, after the publication of this story we received a mail from someone identifying himself as Retired Petty Officer Manan Bhat, thanking us for carrying his views and video.