Sometime in the future, if humans become extinct, and an extraterrestrial intelligence examines what led to our decline and destruction, what will it find?

The video above offers some perspective. And not a pleasant one, either. It says that we need to be afraid of the architecture of our minds, because they’re more twisted and more powerful that we can imagine.

According to the video, extraterrestrials will point out our wondrous brains, capable of complex computation and analysis. They’ll say that while homo sapiens produced The Magic Flute, Anna Karenina, the Concorde and even civilisation, they weren’t successful in controlling the aggression and impulses that belonged to the reptilian parts of their brains.

Too much tribalism and xenophobia made humans incapable of trusting the human race as a whole. There was also too much emphasis on short-term thinking, and a blatant disregard for future generations. Strike three? The human mind had a narcotic desire for distraction, and unhealthy habits that let it rely too much on fantasy.

The video concludes that the future will show our minds became uncontrolled like a “nuclear armed rodent”. The only things that may have saved us included love – for strangers, for the truth and for the unborn. which prevent violent, selfish and short-term thinking, and tries to compensate for the flawed architecture of our minds.