Most Indian weddings have one thing in common – numerous rituals, colourful celebrations and plenty of guests. Of course, this means meeting strangers and making awkward small talk, as the families and friends of the bride and the groom come together.

Punjabi-Sikh weddings have a ritual for this, too, in the form of the milni ceremony. Relatives of the bride and of the groom introduce themselves in descending order of age, exchange garlands – and then attempt to lift one other off the ground.


No, really. The element of surprise in lifting another person is the real ice-breaker, making it look like a wrestling act, with the lifter winning the round.

Sure, not every guest might want to join in. But a video compilation by the UK-based wedding videographers Kular Brothers shows how the informality truly does melt down barriers. Some of the videos are also of Hindu weddings that have adopted the milni ceremony.