Ever since Europe and even Africa mocked US President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ rhetoric with video introductions to their own country, we were wondering when India would join the party.

Well, it has.

And no punches are pulled in this heartfelt Valentine’s Day admission of being second. In population, for instance. In pollution (almost the very best). “We’re amazing at being second.”

The video reminds Trump of the quiet importance of the 2.5 million Indians in the US (“Satya and Sundar from Microsoft and Google”), and loses no opportunity to make fun of his now infamous statements.

With guest appearances from Narendra Modi, Bappi Lahiri and the Kamasutra (“Kamasutra, yoga, same thing”) thrown in, this is the best – ok, second-best – way to spend four-and-a-half minutes learning about Indo-US relationships.