One more voice has joined the chorus of protests against the the RSS student wing ABVP’s (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) violence on college campuses in delhi. This time, it’s in the form of a wickedly funny Hindi poem, using a Haryanvi dialect, which essentially suggests to the organisation that its game is over.

“ABVP, why so creepy?” is the refrain.

“Meri baatcheet, meri rehen sehen
Mai kya padu, kya soch vicharu
In sab se tera kya jata?
Tu kyun inpe badpata?”

(How do my conversations or tolerance or clothing or viewpoint concern you? Why does it irritate you?

The exhortation in rhyme lashes out at the ABVP’s way of shutting down open discussions and screenings of documentaries in colleges and universities.

“Ab Ramjas ho ya Khalsa college, jaha kahi bhi batta knowledge, waha tera koi theka nahi hai ki jot u samjhe wahi karle” (Be it Ramjas or Khalsa college, you have no right to act as you like in an educational institution.)  

The poem also wonders why the ABVP had regressive reactions to the demonstrations by college students seeking equal and fair hostel regulations, especially for female students.

The concluding advice: Instead of relying on political backing, the students’ organisation should change its ways.

Ab chahey Trump pump ho, ya Modi wodi
koi Manu smriti ki yaad dilawe
koi ram rajya ki khwaab dikhawe
Phir bhi tera time ab up hai
Picture flop, the story thap hai.