Quite a few things we knew about dinosaurs all these years may not be true.

Or so says a new set of conclusions, captured in the video above. For example, the Tyrannosaurus Rex has always been perceived as a vicious and enormous creature with sharp teeth and snake-like scales. But it may also have actually had feathers.

Scientists have recently discovered a new species of dinosaurs named the Kulindadromeus Zabaikalicus, which has led to them to theorise that feathers were most likely meant not just for birds but also for dinosaurs.

That’s because our new friend was an ornithischian beaked dinosaur, which is distinct from other feathered dinosaurs that belonged to the theropod group.

As for modern movies telling us that the Velociraptor dinosaurs were as tall as humans, this may not have been the case either. They were more likely only as tall as medium-sized dogs.

We must also forget the horrifying roars we’ve been hearing in the Jurassic Park movies all these years. It is believed that dinosaurs cooed or quacked like ducks in reality. They may also have grumbled the way crocodiles do.