You’ve seen, and laughed at, the video (below) of Professor Robert E Kelly’s TV interview being interrupted by his children bursting into the room. You’ve also wondered about the identity of the woman who tried to take the children away.

Now here’s comic artist Kevin Fredericks staging his own version of the event (video above), with a pre-teen playing Kelly’s role. It’s probably funnier.

An expert on South Korea, Kelly, who is a professor at the Pusan National University, was discussing the Korean president’s dismissal on live television and had no idea what was happening behind him in his study.

James Menendez, the BBC presenter he was talking to gave him a heads-up. “I think one of your children has just walked in,” Menendez told him.

Kelly tried to retain his composure and continued talking, gently pushing the child – his four-year-old daughter Marion – away from him as he stared into the camera.

With impeccable comic timing, Marion’s baby brother James entered the room. In a walker. And Kelly’s wife Jung-a Kim tried to get them all out of the room. You know what happened after that.


Menendez tweeted later, “Hard to keep a straight face,” but complimented Kelly. He also set the record straight.

Kelly had just one question as he tried to figure out the consequences and his chances of maintaining a quiet life.

Looks like it does. The video is a raging hit, with people posting happy comments on social media.