Cheating in examinations is almost an art in India. And, far from being the preserve of a handful of unscrupulous students, at some places it is a mass movement.

A school in Haryana’s Jhajjar district saw this in full force as “friends” of class 10 students taking their board examinations showed their support. The video above from news agency ANI shows young men climb over a wall, sprint towards the school windows, toss slips of paper inside – presumably, they had the answers to the questions written on them – and race back.

Whether this vigorous exercise was beneficial for the students or not, the images below give an insight into how much planning may have gone into this.

But then, this is hardly the first time such activities have been caught on camera.

Two years ago, a video of men climbing a school building in Bihar and tossing slips of paper through a window created a sensation. The state became infamous for “suffering from an epidemic of cheating,” as BBC reported.