There are more than enough strange laws, rules and regulations in the world to keep you entertained, if not amused by the way they can impact people’s lives. For example, did you know that in the UK, it was illegal in 1986 to handle salmon in suspicious circumstances?

The video above offers a selection of weird laws you may unknowingly break. And so, note that in the Caribbean countries of Jamaica, Barbados, St Vincent, and Granada, you cannot wear camouflage clothing in public. Time to rethink your wardrobe for that trip.

In other absolutely absurd news, in Oklahoma, you can be arrested if you’re caught having sex with a porcupine. Wait, what?

Moving on to sexist laws, unmarried women are banned from skydiving on Sundays in Florida.

The next one is depressing. In Russia, homophobia is widespread. In 2013, Vladimir Putin took things further by making it illegal for adults to even tell children that gay people exist. Cruel.

And here’s one we’re dying to tell you. A law in China prohibits reincarnation without getting permission from the government. (This one might be for the Dalai Lama.)