No matter how intelligent you are, there’s always room to appear even smarter. The video above offers handy pointers. Is it any wonder it’s beginning to get a lot of viewers?

That might, of course, defeat the purpose, since the whole idea is to keep the tricks secret.

One of which, for instance, is to use middle initials in your name. It just makes you more cerebral. Just compare John F Kennedy to John Kennedy. A recent study concluded that people are more likely to pick an academic partner with a middle initial.

Yes, wearing glasses really does make most people look smarter. To heighten the effect, smile a lot and be as expressive as possible.

There’s more, of course, but here’s a vital one. Some studies have shown that those who are seen holding alcoholic drinks are perceived to be less intelligent than those with something like a soda or a juice. (By all means insert an eyeroll emoji in response.)

And one last tip: use lots of graphs in your presentations.