Is your music tasting stale? Meet the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, which serves tasty tunes prepared using vegetables as instruments. Here, pumpkins are the bass drums, carrots are xylophones, and onion skins are rubbed together to make maraca-like rattling sounds.

If you don’t believe this can work during love performances, just watch the video above.

Founded in 1998, the orchestra proves that music is good for health, one performance at a time. And how can the audience leave with empty stomachs when the instruments are vegetables? Listeners are offered fresh vegetable soup after each performance.

The video below gives you the recipes for making these instruments.


Across the world, musicians are obsessed with making music in different ways. It took Swedish musician Martin Molin over a year to create a musical instrument which uses 2000 marbles.

The marble machine is an interesting intersection of technology and music.

This man from Virginia is not far behind in creating music using everyday objects as instruments. Almost all evenings of Old Town Alexandria get a magical touch when he starts playing everything from Mozart to Star Wars using glasses of water. The video below is a testimony of his beautiful craft.