The crowd at the Olympic Games begins to roar. Some fervently wave their country flag, some hold on to each moment nervously.

“Just look at the concentration,” goes the hysterical commentary, with images of tiny tots working it very seriously.

A male toddler representing Japan fails to qualify for the rings event. The anguish. Hopes build up as a little girl from the US competes on the rings. The game, only meant for males, ends with her winning the round. The triumph.

The crowd goes wild. But the “Baby Games” have just begun.

The Olympics channel has released a video imagining an Olympics for toddlers, mashed up with real footage of crowd reactions from past Olympic events.

From the “3-hurdle toddle” to weightlifting, the toddlers in the video display delightful sporting spirit. You can watch behind the scenes of the shoot here.

There have been instances other toddlers on the field before: remember three-year-old Iranian Arat Hosseini who began practising gymnastics poses when he was just nine months old?


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In 2014, a video of a five-year-old boy boxing went viral, earning him the title of Nijee “The Future”. Some kids do like to hit the ground running.