While the situation in Kashmir escalates, a heat wave sweeps across parts of India, and citizen vigilantes turn violent over every imagined slight, both Sonu Nigam and Arnab Goswami have been headline news.

So, if TV news star were to write a letter to the singer, since he cannot call him into the studio right now, what would he say? Comic artist Jose Covaco aka Vj Hoezaay hazards a guess.

“Dear Sonu, your hair is looking nice, good job,” begins the parody letter from Goswami to Nigam. “Don’t worry about these twitter loudspeakers, that’s all they are. The only loudspeaker that shouldn’t be banned is me.”

For those missing the Goswami and his high-decibel News Hour, Hoezaay also recently compiled a two-minute video collecting all the different ways in which Goswami says, “one minute”.

Previously, after a video of Goswami’s farewell at the news channel Times Now had gone viral, Hoezaay had shown what exactly may have taken place behind the scenes. This was not a spoof.