A Pakistani video by Leisure Club, inspired by the Danish television advertisement titled “All That We Share”, which went viral in January 2017, released its own version of the experiment a few days ago on Facebook. “People of Pakistan!” is dedicated to the murdered university student Mashal Khan for so-called blasphemy.

The experiment organised a number of Pakistanis into separate boxes, just as the Danish video, but with cultural differences: the high income group versus those just getting by, people who look trustworthy pitted against those who seem suspicious, the conservative against the modern...and so on.

When the same people are rearranged according to who they really are, their likes and dislikes, and ways of being, the result, inevitably, was something to think about.


Building bridges between seemingly disparate people is also the route for beer-maker Heinekken’s new advertisement, which is already all the rage on the internet. In the ad titled “Worlds Apart”, he is a right-winger, she is a leftist. She believes strongly in transgender rights, he cannot figure out how a man can become a woman. She is a feminist and he thinks they’re man-haters.

When these strangers meet at first, they know nothing of each other’s biases, and get along just fine, working on a bar-building project. They are actually building a lot more than that. But when they learn later of each other’s wildly divergent outlook on the world, everything changes...or not.