Young Anu’s first day back at school with a new prosthetic aid is making millions of viewers across the world tear up – for a good many reasons. It isn’t just that the video is brimming over with heartwarming moments – it also makes you stop what you are doing for a moment...and think.

The BBC’s post shows the seven-year-old Anu, who goes to a school in Birmingham, being greeted with much cheer by her classmates as she displays new freedom on the playground. She can run, she can skip, she can even dance, thanks to the new “sports blade” that she now has.

Her friends are thrilled to see her in good form, and they respond in a way that will have you reaching for a hanky. The completely non-judgemental, unbiased, open affection on display – which only children do so well – makes this the sweetest sight you will see in a while.