Trust talk show host John Oliver to push for action on hot-button issues. As the threat to net neutrality gets increasingly real, he summed up what’s at stake in its trademark style on Last Week Tonight.

“The internet is the repository of all human knowledge – and goats singing Taylor Swift songs,” Oliver said on his show. This, and a lot else, is in danger with the decision of the US president Donald Trump to roll back protections against net neutrality.

Net neutrality, as everyone knows, requires internet service providers (ISPs) to treat all websites as equal, and not manipulate the choices that consumers make online by slowing down access to specific sites, and speeding up access to others.

The Trump administration isn’t bothered about these concerns, and has decided to reverse some of his predecessor’s decision. It isn’t unexpected – least of all to Oliver – who says he wouldn’t be surprised even if “Trump purposefully killed every turkey that Obama ever pardoned.”

Oliver thinks he may have the solution at hand: anyone who values the internet should voice their opinion and let the FCC know that net neutrality is very important. To make this happen, Oliver’s got a website – – that will take a person straight to the FCC’s public comment area.

Oliver had put his mind to this task back in 2014 as well, leading to the FCC’s website crashing thanks to a massive amount of traffic. It looks like history may have repeated itself on Saturday night with several people saying that the page was down again.