No cutlery, no tools other than a traditional knife, and an open field that works as a very roomy kitchen. With strong hands and sharp nails to cut and peel fruits and vegetables efficiently, 106-year-old Mastanamma needs nothing else to cook up a feast.

This great-grandmother from Andhra Pradesh is the latest hit video blogger on the circuit, with fans across the globe tuning into her videos that show her making traditional favourites from scratch. Expect your mouth to water as you watch scrumptious helpings of her egg dosas, fish fry, bamboo chicken biryani and more with a dollop of grandmotherly love laid out on huge banana leaves.

Her unusual preparation of watermelon chicken is particularly popular. Who wouldn’t want a tutorial?

And she is, by the way, all organic by default: only firewood and other natural fuels work for her. For all the tech work, though, she relies on her great-grandson and his friend to post her videos on YouTube. Her channel, “Country Foods”, has over 300,000 subscribers.

Ask her for some worldly advice and she has it down pat: “Cook a lot of curries and eat well.”