Coming out as being gay in public is an important milestone for most – but in India, you would never know what to expect. Comic artist Navin Noronha pretty much nails the experience as he narrates his own story of what happened when he told his friends about his sexual orientation.

“Navin, you are not gay, you are normal,” was the first reaction. To which, the comedian wondered, “What did you expect, should I ride a unicorn?” This leads to the next question, “How gay are you?”, which is met with a similarly fantastic answer: “I’m so gay I did engineering on purpose.” To be part of a college that would predominantly have male students, naturally. The audience is in splits.

What comes after the news sinks in, and the friends are almost over the initial shock? Women want to make you their “best friend” and take you shopping – eye roll – while men ask nervously if you would try to flirt with them. But when you say no, “because you are not my type”, they get indignant, laughs Noronha.