A car crash involving three cars in Scottsdale, Arizona, caused a fair bit of damage but failed to get as much attention as a man who had nothing to do with the accident. Bryan Amann, who was working nearby, stepped outside to see what was going on and proceeded to show off his moves when he noticed the cameras filming above.

He has now earned the title of the “Scottsdale Dancing Man” – something he probably didn’t see coming earlier in the day when he showed up at work.

“I was in the office and I was looking at my live FOX 10 feed and I was like, ‘something is going down’,” Amann said. “I thought to myself, that’s right next door to our office. Right back there.”

He informed his co-workers that he was going to try to catch the helicopter’s attention by heading straight for the top of the parking garage.

“When I ran over there, I had to look at my phone to make sure that the guy was looking at me. You gotta get the guy’s attention and then when he had me on the zoom it was go time,” Amann explained. “As I was doing my moves, I had to make sure I was still in the screen, because I wouldn’t want to waste good dance moves.”

One of Amann’s co-workers, Michael Gentile offered some perspective too. “He’s the life of the party, he’s the guy you want to be around all of the time. He carries it with him in the office and outside of the office,” Gentile said.

Amann was really was just hoping to make people laugh.

He even commented on his newfound fame. “It’s got its ups and downs. I’m trying to maintain a humble mindset,” he said. “I’m really not trying to let this go to my head, get too famous, if you know what I mean.”