Video: This spoof on India’s IT layoffs is probably the only opportunity to laugh at the crisis

The All India Coders’ Association is out on the streets chanting slogans against IT bosses.


The current rush of mass layoffs at IT firms in India has been referred to as a“Nightmare on IT street” and the biggest the industry has seen since 2008, when the global economy crashed.

Outraged technology workers are protesting the loss of jobs online, but what if there were an organised protest on the issue? That’s what the Tamil comedy YouTube channel Temple Monkeys depicts in its latest video, which has the fictional All India Coders’ Association out on the streets, chanting slogans against Infosys’s NR Narayan Murthy, Wipro’s Aziz Premji, and TCS’s Rajesh Gopinathan. In the background, Donald Trump and Google CEO Sundar Pichai wonder why if they “laid off the whole world, only these people are protesting?”

“Why is no one scolding me?” asks Trump, to which Pichai responds: “These people are like this, they won’t scold the one who is responsible.” Their commentary continues as the protestors wonder what they should do next. Trump ponders, “Don’t you people know anything apart from engineering?” Pichai, who is the American president’s India guide, shoots back: “Yeah, we get trained for that in our school only.”

The seven-minute spoof is as densely packed with light moments as the team’s hilarious skewering of the NEET dress code. They take off on everything from pop culture, such as the incomprehensible plot of Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar, to internet habits. Pointing out why humans trump computers and why automation is not the way forward, one of the protestors loudly exclaims: “I’ll hit Alt-tab and quickly change the porn screen to MS Dos when the manager comes in, within a second. Will your AI do that?”

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Can a colour encourage creativity and innovation?

The story behind the universally favoured colour - blue.

It was sought after by many artists. It was searched for in the skies and deep oceans. It was the colour blue. Found rarely as a pigment in nature, it was once more precious than gold. It was only after the discovery of a semi-precious rock, lapis lazuli, that Egyptians could extract this rare pigment.

For centuries, lapis lazuli was the only source of Ultramarine, a colour whose name translated to ‘beyond the sea’. The challenges associated with importing the stone made it exclusive to the Egyptian kingdom. The colour became commonly available only after the invention of a synthetic alternative known as ‘French Ultramarine’.

It’s no surprise that this rare colour that inspired artists in the 1900s, is still regarded as the as the colour of innovation in the 21st century. The story of discovery and creation of blue symbolizes attaining the unattainable.

It took scientists decades of trying to create the elusive ‘Blue Rose’. And the fascination with blue didn’t end there. When Sir John Herschel, the famous scientist and astronomer, tried to create copies of his notes; he discovered ‘Cyanotype’ or ‘Blueprints’, an invention that revolutionized architecture. The story of how a rugged, indigo fabric called ‘Denim’ became the choice for workmen in newly formed America and then a fashion sensation, is known to all. In each of these instances of breakthrough and innovation, the colour blue has had a significant influence.

In 2009, the University of British Columbia, conducted tests with 600 participants to see how cognitive performance varies when people see red or blue. While the red groups did better on recall and attention to detail, blue groups did better on tests requiring invention and imagination. The study proved that the colour blue boosts our ability to think creatively; reaffirming the notion that blue is the colour of innovation.

When we talk about innovation and exclusivity, the brand that takes us by surprise is NEXA. Since its inception, the brand has left no stone unturned to create excusive experiences for its audience. In the search for a colour that represents its spirit of innovation and communicates its determination to constantly evolve, NEXA created its own signature blue: NEXA Blue. The creation of a signature color was an endeavor to bring something exclusive and innovative to NEXA customers. This is the story of the creation, inspiration and passion behind NEXA:


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This article was produced by the Scroll marketing team on behalf of NEXA and not by the Scroll editorial team.