Delhi, known for its rich food, heritage, and culture, is just as notorious for its heat and pollution. Every winter, the city is covered by a hazardous blanket of smog that suffocates its residents. Delhi is now one of the world’s most polluted cities.

Everyone in the city knows this, judging from a poll conducted by Help Delhi Breathe and the Human Development Institute in October-November 2016. Of the 500 residents interviewed, not one described Delhi’s air as clean. And 88% described the air quality as dirty.

However, the residents are more than willing to accept blame, and to tackle the situation. A majority of 90% blame car emissions for poor quality, and, accordingly, 69 percent are willing to support a ban on diesel.

While 50% say that the leading cause of air pollution is factory emissions, and burning of garbage and biomass, four out of five are willing to take action. And a majority of the residents are ready to accept drastic measures to control pollution.