Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is back, this time sassier and wittier than ever before with the A Geography Class for Racist People. The Canadian YouTube star, who has tackled sexism and racism earlier, tears apart a racist commenter and, indirectly, US President Donald Trump’s regime, in her latest performance (video above).

She begins: “Whenever something horrible happens in the world, you’ll see the rise of two different kinds of people. Number 1, people who don’t let fear divide them and instead choose to come together. Number 2, racist idiots who don’t deserve an internet connection.”

The comment that fuelled this video said, “Go bak to ur country, you terrorist paki afghan indian muslim slut #MakeAmericGreatAgain”. So, Singh felt the need to impart an indignant, and sardonic, geography lesson and some related education.

In the process of calling out the person making the comment, Singh, who is of Indian origin, also touches on some important points, albeit hilariously, about airport security, Muslims, India, the world map, and ignorance and a lack of education in general.

Perhaps the most important message Singh conveys is, “If you’re gonna be racist, at least do it right.”