Blair Robertson and Eddie Dijon were just casually eating lunch at Silk’s Country Kitchen in Ontario, Canada, when a car drove through the restaurant’s window and rammed into them. Miraculously, both simply got up and walked away afterwards.

The startling CCTV footage (above) shows the two men sitting at a table right by the window. One of them is pinned against the wall by the silver Lexus sedan. The other, however, is pushed, along with his chair, right to the middle of the restaurant. Although the second man does show some signs of injury and trauma, it is still an extraordinary escape.

“I cannot believe we walked away from this,” Robertson wrote on his Facebook profile. “To be clear: we are NOT ‘okay’...I’m battered and bruised, have a nasty headache and assorted aches and pains. Not fun. What’s holding me/us together is that I’m ALIVE,” he wrote.

The culprit was an 85-year-old woman, who also got away without a scratch, even refusing medical attention. Police reports confirmed she was not under the influence of alcohol, and pressed no charges against her.

Robertson, who works as a psychic medium, later joked that he didn’t foresee this crash coming.