The soaring temperatures this year have hit 10-year highs. A bunch of culinary experiments proved the intensity of the heat wave in the country. In Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, some people decided to try making chapatis on the sun-scorched floor.

They succeeded.

In the video above, Varanasi resident Vijay said that he prepared some dough and rolled it out on the ground. With the floor nearly as hot as a pan needs to be for the chapati to be cooked, it did the job.

Similarly, a resident of Titalgarh, Odisha, released a video of himself frying an egg in a pan on the road, without needing a gas stove.

This year, the temperatures in some parts of the country have touched 48 degrees Celsius. Last year, the highest recorded temperature was 52.4 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan. The average temperature in India has risen by only 0.5 degree Celsius between 1960 and 2009, but the mortality rate because of the heat may go up by 146%, according to a study.