What do you do as a liberal group of people when confronted with anti-gay protesters? You drown them out with music, of course.

Which is exactly what the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington did at the Knoxville PrideFest in Tennessee.

The group was on the bus heading back to their hotel when they noticed a bunch of people protesting with signs outside the Pride stage where they had just performed.

“We decided to get off the buses and confront these protesters the best way we know how – with music,” said Dan Kaufman, a member of the chorus, who posted the video (above) on Youtube. The chorus encircled the protesters, and launched into songs – including We Shall Overcome and Make Them Hear You – to drown them out.

Another video posted by a bystander.


This wasn’t the first time the chorus had faced such a situation. They adopted the same peaceful, united strategy at the Equality March near the White House – battling protesters with music and harmonies.

“As we were singing the national anthem, this woman who wasn’t with our group broke into the circle with a big rainbow flag,” Thea Kano, artistic director of the chorus told The Washingtonian. “It was love drowning out hate, and we did it peacefully and with harmony.”