Baby elephants are cuter than human children, some would argue. But their antics are surely no different.

A video of an adorable baby elephant chasing terrified guinea fowls is the toast of the internet, and it’s no surprise. The video (above) shows the little truant running behind flocks of alarmed guinea fowls – and his lovable clumsiness is obviously no match for their agility and speed.

At one point, dizzied by his rampage, the baby elephant tumbles and falls. The mother starts to protectively move towards him, but the baby, just like a child, immediately gets up and runs to his mummy for comfort.

The footage, captured at the Borås Zoo in Souther Sweden, has sparked delighted comments on social media, like the ones from these Reddit users:

“I am terror! I am fear! Run! Run before my insurmountab<FWUMP>... mmmooooommmmmm!” - G19Gen3

“It’s like he said, “Mooooooom! I hurted my trunk!”” - tsquaredwsu

“‘Ahhhh!! They got me Ma! They got me!’” - RedxEyez