With Kerala being one of the few states in India that lacks mass support for the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), its local media doesn’t shy away from trolling Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A parody (above) by Mathrubhoomi News turns Modi’s visit to Somalia – actually, Kerala – for the inauguration of the Kochi Metro into a mock travel documentary, narrated from his perspective, in a tongue-in-cheek style.

Here’s a sample of the voiceover in Malayalam:

“When I returned to India after a foreign trip, I came to know that there was a metro rail inauguration in Somalia. Being a travel freak, I immediately left for Kochi. Since my party doesn’t have enough mass support in this, god’s own country, we prefer to call it Somalia or Pakistan.” This was followed by a clip from Modi’s infamous speech comparing Kerala with Somalia during the last Assembly election, which led to the hashtag #PoMoneModi.

The video goes on to make fun of BJP Kerala unit president Kummanam Rajasekharan’s metro ride with Modi. “...Ever since my arrival, I had noticed the peculiar facial expression of the chief ruler of this Somalian state – he looked very serious...A Somalian lady handed me a pair of scissors on a platter. We cut the ribbon and continued our walk. The train was waiting for us there...I was shocked to notice that the white-bearded man, who was following me from the airport, too entered the train. I couldn’t fathom his intention...Whenever I looked at him, the ruler of Somalia turned his head. I tried to impress my fellow travellers, but I failed miserably. So I looked out of the train. I couldn’t see anyone there...But I waved, as if there was a huge crowd...I noticed that the white-bearded man never took his eyes off me. After gettingoff the train, we stepped into a big hall. I was so hungry. I wanted to gulp down some Somalian food. But I only got water.”

After other laughs involving a wooden memento, it was time for Modi to leave the state, because “I realised that if I stay here in this Somalian State for long, it would affect my globetrotting. So I decided to leave. But I ensured that the white-bearded man was not following me!”