A simple yet kind deed by two constables from Hyderabad on Eid has gained wide appreciation on social media.

“Police are down to earth to serve the nation without any religious feelings,” said the “citizen” who sent the video (above) to Hyderabad City Police.

It shows a massive gathering of Muslims on Eid-ul-Fitr praying on the streets at Eidgah Mir Alam, using cardboard sheets as prayer mats. The prayer mats kept being blown away in the wind.

Two constables from the Kalapathar Police Station, Venkatesh Naik and V Pratap Singh, decided to help the praying Muslims by setting their prayer mats right and putting them back in their place.

“It was windy, so I put my uniform cap on the paper sheets to prevent them from getting blown away. Since they were offering namaz, I did not want them to be disturbed. I did not want the man to put his head on the road,” Naik told The Times of India. The 30-year old believes that, especially as a policeman, all religions should be respected.

His colleague, Singh, agrees. He, too, told The Times of India, “It was an important day and a vital namaz for Muslims. I would have done the same for anybody. When we are on duty, we are taught to think of everybody as one, be it a Hindu or Muslim. We are trained to be like this as policemen.”