Last week, locals and visitors were walking casually around Red Square, Moscow, when they realised they were being attacked by shiny blue portable toilets.

These porta potties were giving the crowd a real chase. And, what’s worse, there were still people inside them.

The villain, it turns out, was the weather. Moscow experienced its heaviest rainfall in 50 years last week, and faced heavy storms that forced the authorities to issue a warning for a day. It’s due to the heavy downpour and strong winds that the portable toilets in the city centre were swept from thir positions into crowds of people, making it look like a surreal scene out of a sci-fi film.

The video, posted by journalist Bryan MacDonald, brought out the funny bone in many Twitter users. While some compared the portable toilets to the Tardis from Dr Who, some chose to blame it on Russian President Vladimir Putin:

“Even the toilets are fleeing from the bloody regime.”