It may seem trivial for humans, but Google’s Artificial Intelligent project DeepMind has just taught itself to walk.

For robots, walking like humans has never been an easy matter. In this case, the robots exist as digital models powered by DeepMind. And all three models – one with two legs, one with four legs, and one humanoid – have learnt on their own how to walk, run, jump and climb.

In other words, they’re good for parkour now.

The models were equipped with virtual sensors which give them information about their orientation and objects around them, and taught to go from point A to B. They were never taught how to walk or shown how to do it.

The results are remarkable. All the models can run over rough terrain, hoist themselves up, jump and maintain their balance while being pushed around. Perhaps the most human aspect is their ability to learn from mistakes.

Though the four-legged model walks like a pro, the human-shaped model resembles a drunk man struggling to walk home. Overall, the video (above) looks like the newest episode of Wipeout.