A famous small pig. Who’d have thought? But nine-month-old miniature pig Hank, best friend to Instagram user Will Glass, is a serious celebrity on social media.

Glass’s childhood dream was to own a teacup-pig, which came true in December when he and his wife adopted little “Hank Mardukas Glass”. He has been an Instagram celebrity ever since.

Glass’ Instagram page, called “My best friend Hank” has close to 200,000 followers, and a devout following on Facebook and YouTube, too. The mini-pig is so famous, pictures and videos of him doing mundane things like running round in circles, wearing a silly costume, or simply going for a walk (below) are always a hit.

Hank has travelled across multiple states, had pictures taken with celebrities like Seth Rogen, and he’s even been on The Ellen Show. But the most remarkable of his achievements was raising $4,000 for a food bank. He sponsored a team of rubber ducks, each costing $5, for a derby in Louisiana, New Orleans, which raised enough money to feed 12,000 meals to the needy. “We all thought ending hunger was a perfect cause for a pig to support,” Glass told The Daily Mail.

What’s it like having a pig as a pet? “They have all the best qualities of a dog and all the best qualities of a cat. He loves to snuggle and run around like a dog, but he’s also fine just being by himself like a cat,” said Glass.

Hank’s videos break all stereotypes about pigs – like being lazy or dirty – and show a surprising amount of speed and agility. Watch his famous moves here: