Seventy-eight-year-old Maryam from Kazakhstan is a grandmother, and the newest rapper in town.

She likes to rap about life, family, and collecting her pension with her grandson, Dilshod Ibrahimov, as you can watch in the video above. She is also interested in writing music about global themes. As a rapper, she’s completely invested in the role, with an inverted cap, oversized jacket, big earrings, sunglasses and, of course, dabbing.

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Rapping came by accident for Maryam. One fine day, her grandson Dilshod decided to surprise his friends and, as a joke, made a video with his grandmother rapping. The video became instantly popular on Instagram – so popular that Maryam and her grandson are now working on an album.

Despite the criticism by some Kazakhs that it is disrespectful to elderly people, the duo has merrily carried on with thitseir enthusiastic experiment. And viewers are not disappointed.

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