Walk into Bhoomi Mall in Navi Mumbai’s Belapur, and you’ll find a little restaurant named Aditi’s Corner. It serves light snacks and drinks, as well as homemade lunches, plus a selection of chocolates and cupcakes. Twenty-two-year-old Aditi Verma, who has Down Syndrome, is the cheerful face behind this year-old diner. She takes orders, wipes down tables, and runs the show.

The restaurant was gifted to her by her parents who wanted to keep her happy, busy, and self-reliant, while doing what she loves to do – cook. Thanks to Aditi’s passion and hard work, the spot sees many regulars dropping in, and broke even within three months of opening.

The video (above) by The Better India is a part of the series Boss Women, about empowered women driven by their passion. Aditi’s story works as an inspiration for people with special needs, reminding them and their family that it is possible to pursue their dreams. says Aditi’s mother to parents of children with special needs: “Please don’t take them as a problem. They are special people and they can do whatever else a ‘normal’ person can do. If you have a special child, let him or her do what they want to with their lives. Don’t stop them.”