As both India and Pakistan gear up to celebrate their Independence Days, a music group in India has made a warm gesture to forge stronger cross-border friendship. Members of Voxchord have released (above) an A Capella version of Pakistan’s national anthem Pak Sarzamin.

The song starts with a message that reads: “This is our way of wishing you, ‘Happy Birthday Pakistan’”. It is followed by a quick montage of the band members holding up placards that emphasise their reasons. They describe Pak Sarzamin as: “a song about faith, pride and grandeur, of power, progress and perfection.”

Voxchord makes skilful use of the A Capella technique to create a version which gives heavy emphasis to the stirring lyrics, which are in highly Persianised Urdu.

[Correction and clarification: An earlier version of this article said Pakistan’s national anthem is primarily in Urdu. This description has been modified.]