With a population of more than 84 lakh living in less than 800 sq km, the per capita daily waste generated in Bengaluru is about 0.5 kg. Dealing with garbage, therefore, is a mammoth task for the municipal corporation of the city – as it is in all cities – even though about 60% of the waste is said to be organic.

Greenpeace India’s new campaign “Waste to Food”, launched about a week ago, is trying to ease the burden on the city and its waste management. And, amazingly, it can be quite simple, if only people follow a certain system.

In the video (above), Padma Patil, a “Composting Champion”, talks about how important it is to not only segregate the waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable kinds but to also make sure that it is collected separately. The campaign aims to sensitise citizens to the benefits of composting their own organic waste, thereby reducing the total amount of waste generated and improving the overall quality of food produced.