Peter Bywaters, the lead vocalist of punk band Peter & The Test Tube Babies, was detained at San Francisco airport when he flew in to play at the Punk Invasion Festival in Orange Country, California.

The border control staff interrogated him for six hours, confiscated his phone and passport, took DNA swabs, and photographed him, before putting him on a flight back to the United Kingdom. Why?

Bywaters told Team Rock, “I had only been there 30 seconds when the border control guard swung his screen round and said, ‘Is this you?’” showing him pictures of himself dressed up as Donald Trump. They even showed him a video (above) from the band’s 2016 tour in Germany.

The singer was put on the plane with only his passport and mobile phone, while his band performed at the festival with the help of guest singers. Infuriated at the situation, he vowed that a US tour of the band would never be repeated, adding, “I expect to still be the singer of Peter & The Test Tube Babies by the end of the year. Will Trump still be President by the end of the summer?”