Who wouldn’t want an inventive solution to get rid of pesky mosquitoes in one shot? Youtuber Dan Rojas, who runs the channel GreenPowerScience, figured out how to get rid of 8,000 mosquitoes in two nights, with the help of industrial fans and his dog.

How does this system work? He basically placed huge fans near his pet pitbull’s cage. These fans helped pump out carbon dioxide from his dog’s breath, which attracted the insects.

In the video, Rojas places a mesh on the rear side of the fan and as the mosquitoes head towards the source of carbon dioxide, they end up flying straight into the fan and getting trapped in the process.

Rojas goes on to remove the mesh for his viewers and taps them onto a board, releasing piles of trapped mosquitoes. Now this method may not kill them all but it helps trap them without using pesticides. Rojas notes that his system may be useful in lowering the risk of contracting the deadly Zika virus, malaria or dengue fever.