A classroom in a government primary school apparently turned into a party hotspot in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, on the night of Raksha Bandhan on Monday, a school holiday. In a video (above) circulating the internet, the locals attending the party can be seen showering money on two women dancing to loud music on a makeshift dance floor made out of classroom desks, in a setting resembling a dance bar. The event, reportedly organised by the village head Ramkesh Yadav’s family to celebrate his son’s birthday, was attended by 24 village heads of the surrounding areas. One of them can be seen following the dance moves of the women against the backdrop of a school blackboard.

Yadav had reportedly taken the keys of the building from the school principal to organise the party. When the teachers reached the school on Thursday, they found the premises littered. “Assistant teacher Ashok Kumar informed me that village head Ramkesh Yadav organised a dance party on school premises. It is a very serious and highly objectionable move. The BEO (Block Education Officer) has been asked to prepare a detailed report in the matter,” Primary Education officer Praveen Kumar Tiwari said.

While Yadav accepted that a party had been organised, he denied attending it.